Germantown Dentist Office
Phone: 301-528-5490
22 Executive Park Court
Germantown, MD 20874

Bethesda Dentist Office
Phone: 301-652-3888
4400 East West Hwy, Suite D
Bethesda, MD 20814




5 Stars

“I came to this dentist on recommendation by my grandfather. Going from seeing a bad dentist to these guys was one of the best decisions I’ve made in a while! Even the front desk (the dentist’s own mom) was incredibly nice & reassuring.

I came in with periodontal complications due to pregnancy gingivitis, something the last dentist had nearly ignored for 2 years. In just one visit, Dr. DeMizio was able to perform a scaling and I immediately felt a million times better. He gave me recommendations on what products to use & a prescription mouthwash.

Their attitude is amazing. Completely non-judgmental; they won’t chew you out. They really seem like they want to help people have a healthier smile, not just collect insurance payments. They perform a wise range of services, including oral surgery & periodontics. If you need a nice dentist who does good work, come here.” – Jessica M.

5 Stars

“The office I go to is in Bethesda, about 2.5 blocks from the metro station on East-West Highway. They were the most affordable dentists I could find since I don’t have dental coverage, so I was anxious about whether they would be good or not based on my past experiences going to the cheap places. Wow, what a pleasant surprise. Not only were Dr. DeMizio and the lady working at the front desk (his mother, apparently?) very friendly and helpful, but they also gave me a steep discount on some major dental work I needed to get done. I actually ended up going to their office four Tuesdays in a row so Dr. DeMizio could do various things to prepare my mouth for the procedure (taking molds, X-rays, etc.). He was very thorough and generous with his time. I can’t believe I found such a great dentist with my limited budget!” – Jethro T.

4 Starss

“Having HMO Dental Care can be disaster. Fortunately, Dr. DeMizio’s is not one of those practices. I’ve never had to wait in the lobby for more than 5 minutes and everybody is friendly. Dr. DeMizio does the cleaning himself and you’ll never have to worry about him trying to sell you anything like other HMO providers. I would recommend Dr. DeMizio to anybody looking for a new dentist.” – Jessica R.