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General Dentistry

The key to a healthy, bright smile throughout your life is taking care of your teeth and doing it with diligence. While a daily routine at home can help you to maintain the health of your smile, sometimes you need a professional. If you’re looking for general dentistry in Bethesda & Germantown, Dr. DeMizio can help you to meet your oral health care needs.

General Dentists in Germantown & Bethesda

At DeMizio Dental Center, we provide our patients with the following services:


When you get a cavity, it is important to get it filled to protect the structural health of your tooth and prevent further decay. Dr. DeMizio’s fillings are quick, gentle procedures, and provide you with an aesthetically pleasing and healthy result.


A dental crown is a cap that is placed over a tooth to correct its shape and size. With a crown, you can improve your bite. This can help you to maintain a healthy jaw alignment.


If you have missing teeth, a dental bridge can fill in the gaps in your smile. Not only is this an aesthetically pleasing result, but it can help you to chew your food with greater ease and comfort.


A dental veneer can improve the appearance of your teeth and also seal your teeth against damage.


About once a year, it is a great idea to come in for a thorough cleaning of your teeth. While you can get a lot of the plaque out from between your teeth at home each day by brushing and flossing, teeth cleaning by a dental professional can help you remove plaque from hard-to-reach places, preventing gum and tooth decay.

Gum Care

Having healthy gums is every bit as important as having healthy teeth. Dr. DeMizio can help you to maintain the health of your gums as well as your teeth, preventing gingivitis and its complications.

Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride gel and foam treatments can help to make your teeth more resistant to decay caused by plaque and sugars. This treatment takes a matter of minutes, but it can have a long-term healthy effect on your teeth, helping you to maintain your oral health between visits to the dentist. Many people think fluoride treatments are just for children, but adults can benefit from them as well.

Making the decision to see a dentist about your oral health is an important one. When you’re looking for general dentistry in Bethesda and Germantown, you want to find a dentist who is not only going to provide you with the best in professional dentistry services, but also with the best customer service. Dr. DeMizio and her team of dental hygienists are not only committed to ensuring you have a healthy smile, but also to making sure that you have a stress-free visit which is as painless and relaxing as possible. Ready to make an appointment for dental cleaning or other general dentistry services? Contact us today! We look forward to helping you!